Christen is a second-generation leader. He met Jesus for himself as a teenager when he was healed overnight from an advanced non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

Christen has planted churches, mobilised youth teams, led congregations and served in mission contexts in the UK and overseas. He is the author of The Supranatural Life and The Supranatural Hope, the first two books in an ongoing series aimed to help the reader into a more Spirit-led and Heaven-conscious life. He has also begun to produce The Jesus Centred Bible series of mini-books to give the reader the tools to see Jesus more clearly on every page of the Bible.

He is a prophetic teacher with a healing ministry and a standard carrier for revival in the UK.

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This young convert was deeply impressed and determined to make these the rules of his life. From that day onward throughout his life he made it a rule to spend the first moments of his day alone with God and God's Word. Before he read a letter, looked at a paper or even read a telegram, he went first to the Bible, that the first impression of the day might be what he got directly from God.

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